About PGS

Who We Are

Our team has a deep-rooted understanding of the political, legal, economic, cultural, and social challenges of the countries in which we operate. The PGS team in the United States, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and UAE is comprised of former senior government officials, retired military, as well as a broad range of the private sector elite from the region. Moreover, we have staff with fluency in English, along with the language of their local market, so we can facilitate our clients’ needs with a better understanding of the issues that are important to them.

Our Mission

Utilizing our portfolio of strategic partnerships to differentiate our services and products, we seek to converge and offer the most creative, technological-innovative and profitable educational and training experiences for our clients to provide evolutionary access to best-in-class vocational education and training platform solutions in the Central Asia region. Guided by our principles of integrity and professionalism, we are committed to empowering our employees through a positive culturally conscious work environment “Accelerating the Future” of our Central Asian local, national and regional communities through strong corporate citizenship initiatives.

Our Vision

PGS is dedicated to Accelerating the Future of Central Asia toward sovereignty by cultivating ethical, interdependent indigenous business enterprises.  A future where citizenry can reach their fullest potential provided vocational opportunities exist spurring evolutionary economic change.

Global Experience

PGS has extensive experience supporting a variety of customers across US Government Agencies in support of US National Security Strategy Objectives. When appropriate, PGS complies with all required DDTC/ITAR requirements. All programs we support will benefit from our collective past experience; another key advantage to having PGS on your team

PGS is proud of the skills, talents and experience of its entire staff. We are regarded as a highly professional team, each member of which is an expert in is his or her field and possess over a decade of experience in a wide array of training development, management consulting, information technology, and professional support services.

We ensure that all of our employees adhere to our high standards for quality service and ethical business practices.


532112 Automobile leasing
541614 Logistics management consulting services
541930 Translation and Interpretation Services
541611 General Management Consulting Services
541690 Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
561110 Office Administrative Services
561210 Facilities Support Services


561320 Temporary Help Services
561499 All Other Business Support Services
611310 Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
611430 Professional and Management Development Training
611630 Language Schools
611710 Educational Support Services
488510 Freight Transportation Arrangement
493110 General Warehousing and Storage