Procurement & Logistics

Effective freight management begins with choosing the right logistics partner

Transportation Services 

Our Transportation and Trucking line of business has provided timely, efficient and reliable trucking, back-haul, and delivery services throughout all 34 provinces of Afghanistan since 2010. Our reach extends beyond Afghanistan, transporting goods, material and merchandise throughout the region. Our reputation for on time, and intact deliveries has spread throughout the industry, earning us numerous customer accolades, as well as exponential business growth. 

Central to our success is local knowledge and operational expertise.  We understand the challenges, risks, dangers, and dynamics of traveling throughout the region and how to mitigate those risks. Our operational expertise enhances our tactical excellence and our access to highly experienced logisticians and tacticians ensures sound planning and solid execution. Consequently, PGS is able to conduct mission critical movements with precision and efficiency. Our clients have come to expect our consistency that has resulted in no mission failures over the life of our company and throughout the performance of many contracts. 



PGS has a proven track record for providing procurement support services to our various customers in the Middle East and South West Asia region. PGS has the experts, facilities, equipment, systems and customer service to serve you whether it is transportation, warehousing, third party logistics, e-commerce or catalog order fulfillment. No matter how large or small the requirements may be, PGS has the market knowledge and local contacts to provide customers with cost-effective and value-added solutions.

By using U.S. procurement and accounting standards we ensure familiarity with all client accounting and logistics systems.


PGS’s logistics capabilities include: 

  • Project management, warehousing, and distribution
  • Technical advisory services as customs clearance and documentation
  • Overland truck services, Reefer, Freezer and Thermo services
  • Heavy-lift and special load handling
  • Secure transportation through hazardous regions
  • Supply Procurement
  • 20′ to 40′ connex movement