A structured & proven process

Important Documents in trusted hands

PGS is recommended by the Afghan chamber of commerce for our accuracy, reliability, and superior customer service. Businesses involved in international travel know they can count on us and being their provider, we realize that their travelers use us as an extension of their organizations and our service must then be flawless. Our priority is to process your required documents securely and expediently while keeping you updated on every step.


Getting your personnel setup

PGS is the most experienced and well-established visa company. Most of our clients use our services to secure necessary documentations to travel destinations of their choice for their personnel. With our offices located in Kabul, Dubai, Atlanta US, we do secure hand delivery and pick-up of passports and other documents from most locations.


Find the reliable and resourceful local sponsor for your business

We understand that international business setup can be a strenuous activity. As a professional solutions provider, we will ease the burden of finding a local partner for your business, while keeping you in the loop through regular status reports. This way, you can keep on top of everything, while you grow your venture.

The type of local partner that you choose for your company can make an immeasurable difference in achieving corporate objectives. We understand the value proposition of your business and buys into the corporate philosophy can mobilize resources to ensure developmental measures are initiated in a timely manner. Furthermore, with our understanding of the local market, we can also connect you to resources, partners, and networks to help your business expand and grow.


PGS’s sponsorship services capabilities include:

  • One Year Multi-entry business visa’s
  • Work Permits
  • Business Licenses
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Weapons License
  • Residence visa
  • Travel Management
  • Local Sponsor