Vehicle Leasing

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Armored Vehicles & Soft-skin Vehicles

PGS provides a comprehensive range of armored vehicles and soft-skin vehicles in Afghanistan and Kuwait to meet your mobile protection needs. Whether your requirements are for a B6 class vehicle or a Pickup Truck, we have selected our vehicles carefully to deliver high durability in the environment. In addition, our armored vehicles feature world-class technologies and security measures to address all possible threats that may arise in a high-risk environment.

Customers benefit from our customized solutions that meet their specification needs and budgets Whether it is a daily rental, a long-term lease, or an entire fleet of vehicles, you can be sure that PGS has you covered.

Vehicle Safety

Our service support extends not only to supporting vehicle mobilization, but also to providing in-field breakdown and repair services as an integral part of our agreements. We maintain all our vehicles in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and verification records. Safety related devices are calibrated and certified to comply with the appropriate regulations.

Standing out from the rest

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all vehicle rental companies are the same. Without a doubt, with PGS you will receive top notch customer service that you are accustomed to. No delays in communication or cultural misunderstanding. 

B6 Class “C” Armored Vehicle Protection

B7 Armored Vehicles Available

GPS tracking system available

All vehicles are insured

License Plates & MOI Stickers

Long & Short Term Leases

Maintenance Plans Included

​24 Hour Emergency Response

Panic Button

Emergency Transponders

Bluetooth Audio

We offer the following vehicles: 

  • Armored SUVs – Land Cruiser 200 series, Lexus 570,  Chevrolet Suburban
  • Armored Personnel Carriers – Toyota Land Cruiser 76-79-series Pick-up Truck
  • Armored Pickup Trucks – Hilux and Vigo
  • Armored Buses/Vans – Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace
  • Armored Luxury Cars and Sedans
  • Soft Skin (F-350s, TLC 200, Hilux Pickup Truck, 12px Hiace, 24px Bus, 55px Buses)



Standard Equipped with: 

  • Mechanical Tools
  • First Aid Kits
  • Recovery Tools
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spare Tire



Level of Protection

PGS armored passenger vehicles utilize the latest ballistic standards set forth by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Central European Norm (EN) and NATO (STANAG) organizations. Our vehicles are all level B6, B6+ and B7 armored.